Monday, August 10, 2015

Message from Hardy (Furbaby)

Hello. Mum is very busy taking care of me this week so she might not be able to visit everyone's blog for a few days. I have to stay in bed and can not go to the park for 10 days after an operation so Mum is being kept busy  as I am very demanding..Hardy Dog..


  1. Oh poor Hardy! I truly understand as Wallace had a fatty deposit removed last year and we had to keep him still. I hope Hardy is ok and that it was just what Wallace had. We had to change his sheets and after they took out the drainage thingy, poor Wallace had the blood stuff collect and then it just...came out everywhere-Wallace was aok but it was messy and the vet said that is normal and can happen. So Mommy, if that happens, Hardy will be ok. Give him lots of kisses and gentle hugs

  2. Oh, Hardy! So sorry to hear you're under the weather. You have an amazing Mum who will take the best care of you ever! I hope you have a quick and complete recovery and when you're all better, you need to be on your best behavior for awhile and give Mum lots of time to craft.

    Snoopy & Max ♥

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about poor Hardy! I hope he recovers quickly Loz... I'm sure he'll be getting lots of TLC while he's recuperating.

  4. Hardy - you need to hurry up and get well. I'm pretty sure your Mum is missing the walks you take her on everyday. Rest up and get well quickly!

  5. Oh you poor baby! Hope you're feeling better now, sweetheart. I'm sure Mummy is treating you like a prince. Sending you lots of cuddles. Peanut is waging her tail at ya!
    BIG hugs Asha


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