Saturday, June 6, 2015

Has anyone seen my MOJO?

Has anyone seen my mojo
I think He ran away
I just can't find Him anywhere
I've looked for Him all day

I even looked in under the couch
Where my shoes will sometimes hide
And when I told my Husband He's gone
Well, He broke down and cried

I looked behind the refrigerator
He's been there once or twice
I've even found Him a couple of times
Just chillin' with the ice

I looked behind the microwave
Cause my mojo's really hot
I thought that He would surely be there
But I'm sorry to say He's not

I looked behind the recliner
Cause that's His favourite chair
But once again, to my dismay
He simply wasn't there

I went into the bedroom
And looked in under the bed
Nope, He's not under there either
So I stood and scratched my head

I even called 911 
And told them of my pain
They told me not to call again
And said that I'm insane

So if anyone finds my mojo
Please send Him back or call
Cause a Woman without her mojo
Is barely a Woman at all.

Author Unknown..


  1. Loz...!!! Dont know what to say Dear MOJO please go back to Loz ASAP !!
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects

  2. Haha. Thanks for sharing, Loz! And happy mojo hunting!

  3. I love this!! Fits me to a T right now - unfortunately.

  4. Please MOJO back to Loz home
    I need to see her creativity again
    dont be sad my friend
    sometimes I have no cards to show at my blog for a week
    hugs from Germany

  5. Brilliant poem Loz, Sorry you have lost your Mojo!!! sure he`ll be back.
    Hugs Pam

  6. This is awesome, I think I found mine today finally, hope yours comes back next! Hugs, Donna

  7. Oh no I hope your Mojo is not with Austin Powers or worse, Dr. Evil? You will find your mojo, come high or come low. Even if you think it is lost, you will find it at any cost. Love the poem:)

  8. Drats I hate when MOJO runs off somewhere! Don't fret I'm sure he'll be back.....Love the Poem and thanks for sharing it with us.

    Chris B

  9. I've lost my Mojo too, I hope it comes back when I get rid of this nasty cold!

  10. I've lost my Mojo too, I hope it comes back when I get rid of this nasty cold!

  11. Brilliant!!! I'm constantly misplacing mine too!
    hugs, Asha


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