Wednesday, March 4, 2015

four step card

Hello. I made another 4-step card a friend requested for a 77 yr old Lady.. I have used several brands of dies and lots of flowers..Loz


  1. OK my jaw just dropped open. I just read your previous post how you lost your mojo witha very pretty card and now i see this! I am in awe of this beautiful card. Now only the outside with the borders and the pretty flowers but then one opens this card to see how much effort you put towards this card. I have no idea how you did this but I am floored. This lady will love it-amazing!!

  2. Beautiful Card, you are so darn creative. Love all our creations!


  3. What a clever design, Loz.
    hugs, Asha

  4. Very pretty! If your friend doesn't want it, I'll take it! After all it does have my name on it. LOL

  5. The whole card is so well executed, it's elegant and has just the type of design I feel fits a 77 year old lady.

  6. wohooo
    the outside the card I love all and especially the sentiment
    I am a bit jealous you have much lovely sentiment Loz
    I have so less hehehe
    and the inside again Wooowww
    lovely card she will love this I bet